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Yeadim Animation and Games


Yeadim Institute Ltd, founded in 1992, specializes in development, production and assimilation of programs, games and content products in a spectrum of tools and media, as well as leading change processes in organizations in the public and private sectors.

Yeadim Institute leads and implements projects at a national level in collaboration with government ministries, local municipalities, non-profit organizations and business bodies throughout the country and across the globe. Yeadim is engaged, among other things, in initiating projects and programs starting at the concept level and up to execution, while applying a systematic approach, targeting needs, crystallizing vision, constructing streamlining procedures, levering and integrating content by developing methodological tools with a view to combining business and community. For over 20 years, children, parents, educators, managers, and businesspeople, have been exposed to a vast range of change processes, activity programs, methodological content, a variety of games, encyclopedias, books, applications and a spectrum of additional products created and developed in the Yeadim Institute’s workshop.

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