Hafalomedia – a media system for group activities on sites

Developed for: Yeadim Institute

The “Hafalomedia” program is a methodological program intended for heritage sites, museums, and for any site where tours and visits of various groups are held concerning assorted themes introduced into the course of the visit to the site. The “Hafalomedia” system enables coordination of an array of activity and the tour advances according to the character of the group’s needs and aims while providing information, methodology and integration of advanced technology. The program and the system positioned over the site allows you to revive the site, and allows groups and individuals to receive a unique progress along the sire in accordance with the group’s or individual’s characteristics, preferences and schedules at their service.

The “Hafalomedia” program is based upon a content development process executed by a Yeadim Institute team on the targeted site, in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Within this process a comprehensive investigation is performed on the visitors to the site and on their needs, as well as on the content transmitted at the site and by its means. In accordance with the investigation and the rationale, the Yeadim Institute team coordinates existing content and develops new content as required.

While assimilating the “Hafalomedia” into the site, a computerized information system is set up by which  various details can be fed into it concerning the site’s visiting group’s characteristics and receive an outline of advance by themes and the group’s needs. The Hafalomedia system can work with any type of technology or mobile or static peripheral device positioned on the site. The system is suitable for diverse sites throughout the globe including international heritage sites and museums across the globe.



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