The Hafalotaf – encyclopedia for social activity for the family and infants

Developed for: The Israel Association of Community Centers and the Ministry of Education, produced by “Yediot Ahronot – Hemed Books”.

An encyclopedia for activating infants and the family. Developed following the Hafalopedia project. The Hafalotaf series numbers five colorful volumes on various subjects: two volumes deal with personal and family themes – I and my body, I look in the mirror, I love grandpa and grandma, I care for animals; and two volumes on the subject of festivals – I plant a tree, I put on a disguise, I bring first fruits, and more. The Hafalotaf is aimed at kindergarten teachers and parents. Each activity has a range of study corners for stories, songs, science and creativity games, words words…, movement, what’s the connection? Did you know? And more. As the basic approach of the Hafalotaf is development and reinforcement of the array of talents and skills of the child even in his or her infancy, reinforcing the child’s natural inclinations and encouraging additional talents, the activities in the Hafalotaf contribute in encouraging a wide range of talents manifested to kindergarten teachers and parents. The Hafalotaf supports the child’s first steps in the family and in society and encourages quality time as a window of opportunity for the child’s encouragement and enrichment. The colorful album-like volumes were produced based on collections of thousands of activities of the kindergarten teacher’s experience, their processing as well as an additional original development of relevant subjects. The Hafalotaf contains a classic collection of stories and songs, as well as ideas and innovative initiatives for developing talents at an early age, by means of the friendly approach to parents.



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