“Path of light” program

Developed for: the Israel Electric Company in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Union of Local Authorities.

The Path of Light is an educational program that encourages cultural behavior and lifestyle change in an electricity consuming environment. The program started in 2006 as an initiative of the Israeli Electricity Company and was developed by Yeadim Institute in cooperation  with the Ministry of Education and the Union of Local Authorities. Currently in its 8th year, the program is operating in 180 local municipalities, in 1,600 elementary schools which is about 70% of all elementary schools in Israel.

The program’s goals are to make children agents of change in their communities as trustees of the earth – to promote energy saving and safe behavior in an electricity consuming environment. To this end, with the help of hundreds of the Electricity Company’s volunteers, the extensive program is operating on both the community and school levels. Together with the municipalities’ leadership and the Ministry of Education, and using a variety of educational tools, the Electricity Company is leading a process of change in the Israeli society.  Each community builds a young leadership group to convey the sustainability messages, especially saving energy, and creates a special “suit” for different communities with the support of pedagogical professionals. This way the Electricity Company improves its relations with the different communities, supporting a variety of activities and leading the youth in Israel towards a better future. The values of leadership, responsibility, civil behavior, volunteering, and social involvement are actually realized.

Crossing different cultures in Israel, the multicultural program is conducted in Arabic and Hebrew. The program is also being used as a good platform for discussions and entrepreneurship between different communities. Jews and Arabs, religious and non-religious, big cities and peripheral communities –
all walk together on the Path of Light!

“Path of light” website

Yeadim Multi-Cultural Programs

Selected pictures from the program

The “Path of light youth group”  – Community activisim

Local special events

National competition

Multicultural activity

In-School activities

The “Path of light leadership groups” – Explaining about renewable energies

 National electronic quiz

National event at Hephzibah farm

Kids teaching kids

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