Company Milestones

In 1989 Yeadim Institute Ltd started out by engaging in projects with institutional bodies.

1990 saw the beginning of the project – the “Haf’alopedia” – encyclopedia for Israeli social and cultural activity. Yeadim created, for the first time, a round table of educational-social partners at a national level, such as: The Ministry of Education, The Israel Association of Community Centers, the Kibbutz Movement, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Youth Aliya, the army and the Jewish National Fund.

1992 saw the first volume of the “Haf’alopedia” issued to the Jewish world; Jewish organizations across the globe began approaching the company for providing solutions for youth and children activities. 

In 1995, following the success of running the gigantic project on the theme “500 years to the Expulsion of Jews from Spain” with the Ministry of Education, numerous collaborations began with local municipalities which included: building a municipal vision, educational branding of the city, building work modules for the education week as a peak to a continued yearlong activity, exhibitions and fairs of municipal educational initiatives, bonding of leadership groups in collaboration with the town council and developing joint projects for the business, the community and the environment. This is the way Yeadim began making its mark in the cities: Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, Holon, Petah Tikva and Eilat.

In 2001 Yeadim established a branch of activity specializing in providing a solution to non-profit organizations. For instance, it worked with the organization “Ofanim” to develop a model for operating buses as mobile educational laboratories for enhancing mathematical thinking, computers and theater, which could reach development towns and the peripheral regions.

In 2002 Yeadim established a special branch of experts dealing with the implementation of methodological tools from the world of education into the business world. The implementation was made in Internet systems but mainly in companies providing services by means of customer service centers. In addition, Yeadim applied its know-how in providing solutions to business companies preparing development of products and projects.

In 2005 Yeadim began assimilating national change generating programs developed for educational and community frameworks. It developed, for instance, an assimilation model for a concept used by the Israel Electricity Company for changing life style in the electric environment, and linked the project to the Ministry of Education and the Union of Local Authorities. In this fashion the successful “Light Route” program was developed dealing in education for safety and energy saving in electricity.  The program has now been operating in 170 settlements and in 1500 elementary schools, and includes dozens of games and pedagogic tools for assimilating change by the children as young leaders in the community. With the assistance of the Electricity Company, the program has evolved from a one-time project to one of generating lifestyle change.

In 2009 Yeadim expanded its field of game development from educational to business; it took part in international game exhibitions where it won first place awards in educational game competitions, as well as it gained experience in games existing in the international market for decades. In this context it developed, among others, over 100 technology integrated games for enhancing child developmental skills in peer groups from one and half years up to seven years in a range of languages.

In 2011, in the wake of Dalia Stenzler’s fantasy adventure and science story on the subject of saving the planet and guarding the green world, professional bodies from overseas have requested to turn the plot into a full feature animation movie. As a result, the company “Yeadim Animation and Games Ltd” was established as a subsidiary of the Yeadim Group. The company was founded with the idea of further developing products associated with the movie and a television series, while utilizing the relative advantage of Yeadim in developing games and content for the entire family.

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