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Dalia Stenzler

Dalia Stenzler (Born Israel, 1955) founder and CEO of Yeadim Institute. Dalia is an author who has created and developed programs that are recognized worldwide. She is an author and editor, a business woman, pedagogical-methodological expert who specializes in development of games and  has written and edited many books, articles and games.  Many of the programs she has developed have been a breakthrough in the pedagogical-community field and become widely acclaimed.  Dalia is a well-known philanthropist. As part of her charity work, Dalia acts as Chairperson of the “Larger than Life” Trust – a nonprofit organization established for children with cancer. She was one of the leading lights in the establishment of the forum for mayors’ wives under the auspices of The Union of Local Authorities.  She has worked for years as a volunteer and pedagogical consultant for the education system of German Jewry, and in the development of young leadership in Israel and abroad.  She has also contributed as a volunteer to the development of Jewish summer camps overseas and in strategic and educational consultation to various committees of the Ministry of Education.

As part of her work as the Chair of the Trustees of “Larger than Life” Stenzler is active as a volunteer organizer of gala fundraising evenings for children with cancer, and for expanding the activities in a variety of areas, such as support for the purchase of expensive medications, the establishment of a nursery-preschool for children with cancer, expansion of the support groups for siblings and other family members, etc.

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Arik Shomrat

Arik Shomrat (Born Israel, 1953) an attorney and worldwide buisness man, owner at Yeadim Institute since 2004.

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